TeamViewer is an excellent solution for easy, quick and
friendly desktop sharing. You can remote control a
partnerís desktop to give online assistance

Drag & Drop Even Faster

Simply drag each desired file from and into the remote control window and drop it exactly where you want it.

File Box

Would you like to make files available for download during a meeting? Simply copy the desired documents into the shared file box via Drag & Drop and easily and quickly exchange them at will.

Save Connection Settings per Computer

You can now store individual connection settings for each computer in your computers & contacts list. Thereby, saving you valuable time for all further connections to the same computers.

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software

TeamViewer is a well-known, free tool designed for desktop sharing. This tool allows users to quickly and easily set up, and then use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. This type of connection allows one user to completely take control of anotherís computer system that is also running TeamViewer, regardless of the distance between them. TeamViewer allows for two-way connections, which means that two users connect via a VPN can control each otherís computers. TeamViewer easily allows connections between computers of friends, relatives, and customers quickly and effortlessly, and with very little technical knowledge needed.